“The massacre we face on the battles of daily life, the pain that burns on the skin, the blood that rises in the air, lost-souls wandering without direction, corrupt destroying the rest that’s still preaching, why, to believe in horror that is decimating the face in front of our eyes.”

With influences ranging from Classical Music to more extreme metal, but in order to carry out a new project and emphasis on Doom/Death Metal, Dying Suffocation had its foundation in November 2014, by Alex Habigzang (guitar), André kichel (Bass) and Jorge kichel (drums), emerging as the proposal to create a new sound without labels and with its own identity, since Dying Suffocation has been working on copyright compositions. In January 2015 was the integration of guitarist Fabio Conterno (2015-2016) and in March 2015 the integration of the singer Claudio Daniel (2015-2016). In August 2015 the band released a demo with two copyright music and a homemade music video with the song “The Angels” in the media and reaches the outside with the invitation to participate in the collection “Son of Carnival of Carnage” organized by the British Magazine Terrorizer (one of the largest magazines directed heavy world music) in partnership with the Brazilian website Metal Militia Web Radio which was distributed 10,000 copies throughout Europe and Asia in the December issue of 2015. with the official launch of the first physical work the “EP When I Die” independently produced by the band with mixing guitarist Alex Habigzang and mastering the same with Edi Bugança in March 2016 the band achieved excellent reviews in Brazilian media specialist and abroad, is participating in the collection Extreme Hell vol.2 which was released in July 2016 and participating in the Roadie Metal vol.08 compilation that will be released in August 2016, is currently working on his new project the full-length “In The Darkness of The Lost Forest” conceptual work where tells the story of a person who struggles with his internal conflicts to find his death. With the departure of members Fabio and Claudio’s Line-Up Dying Suffocation went through some restructuring and one of them was the integration of Dianriel Duarte (guitar) in June 2016 and follow the projects during 2016.


Genre:  Doom/Death Metal
City:  Pato Branco/Paraná
Country: Brasil




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